DIY Oatmeal Honey And Sugar Facemask

DIY Oatmeal Honey And Sugar Facemask

Hey Beautiful!

We bring a special recipe for you today with ingredients you already have in your home!

You'll only need:

  • 1 tbsp. of oatmeal 
  • 1 tbsp. of honey 
  • 1/2 tbsp. of sugar

Did you know that oatmeal mosturizes and helps skin retain water?

It's complimented by honey that has antibacterial and anti-septic properties, so it gets rid of dirt and bacteria, perfect for both preventing and treating acne while boosting your skin of collagen.

Sugar humectates skin in a natural way. it locks moisture from the environent.

Knowing all the benefits you can get from this face-mask why not try it? 

The steps are very simple!

  1. Mix the honey, oatmeal and sugar until it reaches a homogeneous consistency. Be sure  to be already in your bathroom in front of a mirror, we dont want the sugar to dissolve too much or the oatmeal to get too wet, since this will help us to exfoliate the skin.
  2. Apply to your skin rubbing softly in circles. ( be careful to not rub too hard since this can damage your skin)
  3. Retire with warm water.
  4. Enjoy tour glowing skin.
  5. Make sure to wear sunblock the next day and that's it!

    If you have any feedback or would like to share your own recipe with us please feel free to comment!