Top-Notch Natural Ingredients for your Liver

What are the Top-Notch Natural Ingredients to Support Your Liver?

Let's face the fact that although the liver is the body's primary organ, it's also the most overlooked when it comes to keeping organs healthy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is the organ that controls and manages the blood, emotions, and energy in your body. So, to ensure all these functions go smoothly and the liver continues to work optimally, you should take proper care of it and cleanse the liver regularly. Let's discuss the importance of liver cleansing and the ingredients that help you in liver cleansing and maintaining good health!

Why is It Important to Cleanse Your Liver?

As the liver works on removing toxins from your blood, you should focus on eliminating toxins from the liver as well to ensure all of its functions are carried on properly. The procedure of removing toxins, impurities, and other unwanted material from the liver is known as liver cleansing. Performing a liver cleanse regularly offers you a handful of benefits, so let's look at them:

  • Promotes Healthy Weight Loss: The liver is responsible for the production of bile that breakdown the food fat. Since liver detoxification encourages bile production, you will see yourself losing extra weight.

  • Removes Liver Stones: Liver stones are a result of high-cholesterol food. These stones can sometimes cause jaundice or bile duct infection, etc. However, cleansing the liver can remove over 300 liver stones at once, keeping you safe and healthy.

  • Immune System Becomes Strong: As mentioned earlier, the liver removes toxins from the blood and body and protects your body from harmful attacks. Good liver health means your immune system is strong enough to fight all toxic agents.

Top Ingredients for Efficient Liver Cleanse 

Dealing with truckloads of impurities daily, the liver gets worn out or overloaded, causing issues like fatigue, headache, digestive problems, etc. That's where liver cleansing detox natural supplements come in handy. Several liver detox natural supplements or ingredients help your liver perform all its functions hassle-free. Let's discuss each one in detail. 

Milk Thistle

According to a study, Milk Thistle has been used for more than 2000 years to cure different bile ducts and liver issues. All hail the Milk Thistle seeds containing silymarin, making it an excellent natural ingredient for liver detox and repair. Silymarin is an essential antioxidant that works as a gatekeeper and keeps the liver safe from all types of medications, food, environmental toxins, and free radicals. 

The working of silymarin in your body is pretty simple as it quickly gets attached to the outer side of the liver and blocks the entrance of all free radicals. You'll be amazed to know that Milk Thistle can also destroy already present free radicals in your liver. In addition, it promotes the production of glutathione - the mother of antioxidants - in your body and prevents its depletion. Here are the most common uses of Milk Thistle:

  • Works as a lover detox

  • Treats gallbladder issues

  • Promotes milk production


The next on the list of the best natural supplements that perform a liver cleanse and maintain good overall liver health is Bioperine. Typically, Bioperine is extracted from piperine and brings a handful of health benefits. It is also said that when you intake Bioperine, it enhances the absorption of curcumin in your body. For liver health, this natural ingredient has immense nutritional importance and cleanses your liver naturally. 

Bioperine has always been used to deal with liver congestion - the slow blood movement in the hepatic parenchyma due to the damaged hepatic venous drainage. Moreover, it also protects the liver against all types of oxidative damage and keeps the glutathione level in your level balanced, which is often depleted by liver diseases. 

Curcumin C3 

Let's move on to the next natural ingredient that efficiently performs liver cleanse - curcumin - the primary component of turmeric. Curcumin has fantastic anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and liver cleansing properties, and all this makes it an ideal choice for people with liver issues. However, curcumin doesn't get absorbed in your blood properly, and to reach its maximum benefits; you need to enhance its bioavailability. 

You can easily do it by combining it with Bioperine or piperine as. According to Molecular Nutritional Food Research, this natural ingredient increases the absorption of curcumin by 2000%. 

NIH also shows that people taking 200 mg of curcumin and 5 mg of piperine per day for around 12 weeks saw a significant reduction in their ALT, AST, LDL, liver fat, etc.


The last one on the top natural liver health supplements list is Garcinia, a small pumpkin-shaped fruit with a yellow or sometimes greenish color. It is derived from the Malabar tamarind fruit and provides multiple health benefits. Taking Garcinia daily or after every few days helps you in liver cleansing and removes all the fat from your liver. 

It also helps you get rid of all gastric or gastrointestinal issues due to its anti-bacterial characteristics. Moreover, it blocks fat production in your blood and breaks down the existing fats, keeping you at a healthy weight. With a small quantity of Garcinia, you can definitely say Goodbye to all diarrhea, stomach, or gastric issues. Here are a few of the other benefits of Garcinia:

  • Promotes digestion by increasing metabolism

  • Improves blood sugar control

  • Reduces inflammation


Adding all the above-discussed natural ingredients into your daily routine can reduce the risk of liver issues and perform a quick liver cleanse. However, if you are too busy to incorporate all these liver health supplements into your routine, Vitasei LiverComplex and Cleanse is the right product for you! It has a natural plant-based formula and all the above-mentioned natural ingredients that help in proper liver detoxification and cleansing. 

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