The Secret Hair Mask for Growth

The Secret Hair Mask for Growth

If you have hair that don't grow welcome to the team!

A lot of us have encountered this problem! 

It might be for a wide set of reasons,  varying from heat damage to  excess of product in hair scalp. This is a recurrent  problem in women especially as we age.

So, we bring today a really simple and easy  hair-mask so you have no excuse to try it! We promise  you already have the ingredients you need in your own kitchen.

You'll only need:

Equal parts in:

  • cinnamon 
  • coconut oil.

Did you know that cinnamon stimulates blood circulation and its anti-microbial properties help promote hair growth and strength according to Serge Normant, a hair stylist at John Frieda in New York? well, now you know.

So listen up, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Mix the ingredients until they reach a consistent texture. 
  2. Apply the mask  from scalp to roots  and massage your scalp in circles for a while. This will improve skin Circulation.
  3. Leave for approximately 45 minutes and rinse with abundant water.

 That's it, get ready for looking a glow and abundant hair.