We've Got Answers! 

1. What are the active ingredients in Lip Boost? 

Collagen, Capsaicin (Cayenne Pepper) Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil

2. How long before I see results?

You can see instant result in as little as 5 minutes but you'll see lasting results in 28 days. 

3. How do I apply Lip Boost?

Apply Lipboost several times a day as often as you want. To further enhance the effect, use Lipboost in the evening before going to bed and in the morning after a gentle lip scrub.

4. Can I use my own lip stick or gloss after application? 

After the product is absorbed, you can use your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.

5. How much fuller can I expect my lips to get? 

Based on your individual lip condition, the direct results can be stronger. An example: someone with very dry, pale lips and many small wrinkles will see a very strong immediate effect.

On the other hand, if your lips are very voluminous and not dry before use, the direct effect is not as strong.

6. Will Lip Boost help with wrinkles? 

Yes! Your lips will appear smoother and silkier in minutes. 

7. What if I have dry lips? 

Lip Boost hydrates and moisturizes

8. Will Lip Boost help enhance my natural color? 

Yes! Result may vary but Lip Boost will enhance your color. 

9. Is Lip Boost all natural? 

Yes! See ingredient list